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Life Management: Continual Progress Towards a Worthy Goal

        Are derailings, delays, and utter disasters part of life?   My heroes say they are not. The people I like most are able to respond, “First I’m going to experience this to the max, and then I’m going to see how this helps me move in the direction of my goal.” […]

Intention Improves Attention

This is the second in my series of sharing the BIG THREE lessons learned lately. The first was focusing on solutions not problems. Today I want to talk about tension, attention, and intention. Applying the right one at the right time has given me great control over my chaos. Meet T. Falcon Napier. As trainer, […]

If a Problem Has Your Attention, You’re In Trouble

We hope every journey begins with sunny skies, fair winds, and all needs met. But… …if you’re like me and on a journey to create a life of maximum contribution, the motivation to “leave port” only comes when encountering something I clearly don’t want as part of my life, or something I do.   The […]

My Afternoon With Oriah Mountain Dreamer

For those of you familiar with the Christian Bible, Matthew, in Chapter 17, describes what it was like for the disciples to watch Jesus have a discussion with Moses and Elijah.     Yesterday for couple of hours I was in a deep discussion with Oriah Mountain Dreamer, who of course showed up as a […]

Your Personal Time Capsule

As we embark on our journey of creating a life worthy of our heart’s desire, I’m requesting that you let me help.   T. S. Elliot wrote, We shall never cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time. […]

Starting with the End in Mind

Let’s build something. How about the life you are called to have;  the life you’d want more than any other?   I first met Stephen Covey in 1989. His book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was a new best seller. His teaching still is a “load bearing” wall in the structure of who […]

Appreciation on This Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. It is a day full of life-giving play and celebration. It is also a great day to practice the art of appreciation.   When my enlistment in the Navy was up, I came home saying I was in the Viet Nam War. As I met and coached veterans who fought in […]

Care and Feeding of Adults

Congratulations. By “showing up” long enough you launched yourself into the world of independence and juggling! How do you know the ladder of success you’re climbing so furiously is leaning against the right wall? Working all day and partying into the night now costs you more energy than you can create. For many, partying into […]

Jeopardy: Adolescents and Young Adults

    I’ve been blessed to have the kind of relationship with my Life Coaching and Life Management clients that allows us to create a sacred space for thinking what they’ve never thought, saying what that never said, feeling what they’ve never felt, and writing what they’ve never written; building a life better than they […]

Life Management: SS&H at Work – Tips #53 – 59

There have been key times when hearing or reading one idea has opened a path allowing me to advance in my quest for elegant life management overflowing with success,    satisfaction, and happiness. Here are six ideas that I’ve taken from the blog of Innovations America’s capture of the blog created by James “Bird” Guess: 1. […]