Jeopardy: Adolescents and Young Adults



I’ve been blessed to have the kind of relationship with my Life Coaching and Life Management clients that allows us to create a sacred space for thinking what they’ve never thought, saying what that never said, feeling what they’ve never felt, and writing what they’ve never written; building a life better than they could have imagined before meeting me. My clients are college students, corporate leaders, baby boomers beginning retirement and helping parents face end of life issues, or someone actively facing his or her death. we develop multiple action plans to maximize both happiness and success.


Assisting others in creating big new dreams requires a different focus for each life stage. We want each person’s life to be a joyous evolution, and for that to happen specific tasks must be accomplished. Just like in a TV or video game, in order to move to the next level, you’ve got to advance.


Welcome to



Ian: How about, “Adolescence and Early Adulthood for $100, Bob?”


Bob: The answer is: “This activity helps 18 – 25 year olds identify their strengths, gifts, and life direction.”



Bob: Ian?


Ian: Reading?


Bob: Oh, I’m sorry, that’s not the best answer.



Bob: You?


YOU: Coaching from someone who can show them that the mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master, and how to tap into their destiny?




Bob: Correct!


Adolescents and young adults, along with the older senior adults, focus on all that has come before but from different perspectives. When one leaves high school and enters college or the world of work, we re-draw the map of our world and have to discover our own way. Defining the roles and paths that best express the adult us we are just getting to know, is a daunting job under the best of circumstances; and few of us continuously experience the best of circumstances. I love getting to walk with and help build the scaffolding for all that’s under construction. Will you be my client?


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