Care and Feeding of Adults

Congratulations. By “showing up” long enough you launched yourself into the world of independence and juggling! How do you know the ladder of success you’re climbing so furiously is leaning against the right wall? Working all day and partying into the night now costs you more energy than you can create. For many, partying into the night now means the loving challenge of 2am feedings or little kid nightmares.

It’s not easy being you. You squeeze in pieces of everything, hoping that “there’s no such thing as multi-tasking” is a lie.

When you get everything done on your list, you know there’s something wrong. I bet you put something down that you’ve already done, just so you get to cross something off.

Living in the zone of “hurry up” generates drama and excitement. I mean, isn’t that why you put up with teachers, parents, and gym class?

Sometimes, exciting escalates to “out of control” resentment and anxiety. It’s good really, “good” like the light on your car’s dashboard that says, “Have someone who knows what he or she is doing check this out!”

Life Coaching is all about helping the “hurry up” you slow down so the real you can catch up. When you’re connected to your best self you can really make a day and a life fit. That feels oh so much better.

When your “hurry up” or your “please others” or your “be perfect” self is in control nothing works well long-term — not work, not relationships, not happiness, not success, not satisfaction.¬† The pieces of you learned from your experience of growing up are great servants; resources to call up when it’s right, but they’re awful masters.

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