Life Management: SS&H at Work – Tips #53 – 59

There have been key times when hearing or reading one idea has opened a path allowing me to advance in my quest for elegant life management overflowing with success,    satisfaction, and happiness. Here are six ideas that I’ve taken from the blog of Innovations America’s capture of the blog created by James “Bird” Guess:

1. DO WHAT YOU LOVE. So ARE you? Are you spending your day doing what you love? What’s the story you tell yourself (and believe so passionately) that keeps you in your rut? It’s probably a very good story. If your attached to it, why not say you love it, and qualify for the “doing what you love” club? Otherwise, decide what action you will take today to move you closer to finding out what it is that you love, and doing it.

2. GROW A PEAR.  I differ with Mr Guess about means and ends, but I’ll give you both sides and let you choose for yourself. Mr. Guess says ramp up discipline, perseverance, vision, and creativity. I tend to think of U. S. Marine Corps Basic Training or football practice in August. Do what I love is my goal all along the way, not just for looking back at a career. There’s not much in pictures about discipline and perserverence I can love. How about considering competencies like discipline and perseverance as the kind of energy that “pulls” you towards your goal rather than something you have to push against? When I make discipline a New Year’s resolution, I’m doomed from the beginning. If I find the words that accurately describe for me why I want what I want and what it will feel like to have it, the getting it done seems a lot easier. My process invites me to feel more like a gardener then one in combat.

3. IT TAKES A CHILD TO RAISE A VILLAGE. “Starting small” can be a lot more challenging then having a grandiose daydream. About 1% of folks seem to be able to imagine and start with a vision that changes the world.the rest of us have to put something out there, test, revise, rinse and repeat for many iterations before finding what works. When 10-year-olds can understand what you’re doing God’s co-op that you have a clear and basic idea. Start anywhere and go everywhere OVER TIME.

4. DESSERT COMES AT THE END OF THE MEAL FOR A REASON. Sure it’s true you can choose to eat dessert first, but not in the world of work. The reason doing what you love is so important is we need that positive energy to sustain us through the learning curve of offering something that is VALUE ADDED TO OUR BOSS OR CLIENT. It would be great if we could get the pay off at the beginning, but it usually takes longer than we think it will.

5. REMEMBER POST-IT-NOTES AND CALVIN COOLIDGE. The greater the gap between how you perceive yourself and your product or service and how others perceive you the harder you will have to work at getting a chance to show what you can do. When we are doing what we love some of us need to develop a thicker skin. Were so attached to what we’re doing that letting in other than positive feedback can feel like a personal attack. We serve ourself and others best when we use all feedback to close the perception gap. The millions of dollars of revenue generated by Post-It Notes was possible only because someone created a new use for a glue that failed in its original purpose. Calvin Coolidge might be an example of a mistake of judging a book by its cover.

6. SO ENERGIZE YOUR STRENGTHS THAT YOUR WEAKNESSES BECOME IRRELEVANT. Isn’t it funny that those of us have a hard time with criticism also have a hard time with compliments? SS&H depend on us getting to know and appreciate our strengths, using them to compensate for and transform our weaknesses. Another important part of doing what you love is surrounding yourself with other competent people who love doing what you don’t. Focus on your strengths.