Life Management: Continual Progress Towards a Worthy Goal







delays, and

utter disasters

part of life?


My heroes say they are not. The people I like most are able to respond, “First I’m going to experience this to the max, and then I’m going to see how this helps me move in the direction of my goal.”



Embracing without resistance: acceptance. Action in the service of a worthy goal: commitment.



Want to guess the three competencies we focus on in Life Management Coaching? Acceptance. Right. Commitment. Right again, that’s two. What’s the third?If you said, “Celebrating” you’d be three for three; acceptance, commitment, and celebrating release the creative energy for focused action.

A key question is, “Are you able to accept, commit, and celebrate?” If the truth is “no, I’m not,” then I encourage you to work with a therapist. If your answer is, “Yes I believe I’m able, but I don’t know how,” then I would suggest you seek out a Life Coach. Life coaching is all about focusing your energy on getting more of what you want in your life. I don’t “fix” you, because you’re not “broken.” We focus on defining the right actions. As Peter Block says, “The answer to how is yes.” Life coaching is about defining the “yes.”

I spent most of yesterday learning from a craftsman, a/k/a Roger the Plumber. Listening, hearing and mapping success with people are gifts of mine. I’m also pretty good at sensing when something is out of sync. For instance, when doing a load of laundry the kitchen sink filled up with some “super nutrient” water, and then that same bio-hazard material started pouring out from the washer drain pipe. No question about it, something needed attention. There’s probably something in your life that needs attention too.

My clients love being able to connect with me when facing a challenge that exceeds their current ability.

I want our conversationto end with you celebrating and focusing your next action on something important to you. That’s how I feel when I call Roger. Accepting that the laundry room is smelling like “Sewer grapes” and committing to “all systems go!” is so much easier when I know there is an expert available.

As you go through your day, check out how you’re doing with acceptance, commitment, and celebrating. If you’d like to get my free e-pamphlet on accepting what is, committing to a goal that fits your values, and making celebrating your default, simply complete the info in the box below.