Having Martha Beck in My Corner

I cried reading Expecting Adam when it first came out.
I can’t think of another book that touched me in that same way. Adam turned 23 last month.

I’ve continued to follow Martha’s work as she launched herself as a Life Coach. Even without Oprah’s mentorship, Martha would have made it big.  So imagine my delight when I received the following note from Martha,



You are a natural-born winner; always was, always will be. The world is full of  people who would love to be your friends. You deserve a life of joy and fulfillment. You’ll always have plenty of money. You’re beautiful, and you always will be. You can be wildly successful in your Life Coaching career. You have an amazingly capable brain. You’re perfectly lovable exactly as you are. You’re highly creative by nature. Your dreams are in the process of coming true. I love who you are.

– Martha Beck

Wow! That’s how I feel about you even in your current situation. “How could you,” you ask, “you don’t even know me?” As you embark on the journey with me to find a life worthy of your heart’s desires, here or as a Life Management client of mine, I will get to know you. Not only will I get to know you, but we’ll most likely feel the same way about each other as Martha and I do.

By the way, if you read Martha’s book, Finding Your Own North Star you’ll see she has written the same love note to you.

The key issue isn’t really how do I, or how does Martha Beck, or Oprah feel about you; the key issue is how do you feel about you when you get a note like this? My clients are learning how to know that their right answer is, “I know. Thank you.”

I keep talking about “the journey” we’re on, and I’m wondering if you’re getting impatient? “Let’s get there already!,” or like when we were kids yelling from the back seat of the car, “Are we there, YET?” So I’ll ask you, “Did you do the exercise I suggested yesterday? Can you answer, “I know. Thank you,” to the affirmations above? Patience, Grasshopper. We’ve got to build the foundation so we don’t head into a hurricane right off the bat.

I’d love to hear from you.